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Address: 5 Northbrook Road Ranelagh Dublin 6


Referrals to the service come through Tulsa, the Child and Family Agency.  Families who meet the criteria will be invited to visit the Organisation to meet staff and get an overview of the service. If they wish to progress the referral they are given an application pack. On receipt of the completed pack the admissions committee will meet to decide if the family are suitable for the service.

Criteria for Ecclesville

  • Available  space
  • Lone parent aged 18 and over
  • Lone parents in their 18th year may be considered following a full risk assessment by the Admission/Discharge committee
  • Appropriateness of the service to meet the families needs
  • A demonstrated commitment to self-development and the ability to participate in the programme by the parent
  • Have low to medium support needs
  • Be drug free for three months
  • Have one child under the age of two
  • Women pregnant for six months or more
  • Child must reside with the mother (we do not take mothers without their children)
  • Non-threatening relationship (if the applicant has been in an abusive relationship Carr’s Child and Family Service needs to know the details in order to protect the personal safety of other families)

Criteria for Crèche

  • Available space
  • Appropriateness of the service to meet the families needs
  • Children from three months to four years
  • A demonstrated commitment by the parents to participate in their child’s programme
  • Children of lone parents who wish to return to work or education
  • Families with additional welfare needs
  • If you have any further questions about our referral policy and procedures or would like to discuss a possible referral to the Organisation please do not hesitate to contact us.